Concord, California

IEC@DVC will permanently close at the end of the current session (August 23-October 13, 2021).
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IEC@DVC Campus

Located in beautiful Concord, CA

#1 Transfer to UC Berkeley

Learn about Peggy's journey from IEC to Berkeley



Attend English classes through IEC’s intensive Academic English program. IEC’s Intensive English courses are specifically designed for students who plan to transfer to a U.S. college or university.

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Associate's Degree

Community college students have the option of receiving an Associate’s Degree in the Arts or Sciences. But what is an Associate’s Degree, and who benefits from receiving one?

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Bachelor's Degree

Complete your undergraduate college education by earning a Bachelor’s Degree from a U.S. university. DVC has Guaranteed Transfer Agreements to many U.S. universities.

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IEC@DVC Students say:

testimonial taka
After IEC, I went to DVC and transferred to University of California, Berkeley and majored in mechanical engineering. After graduation, I am lucky enough to find my first job as a mechanical engineer in a startup. I am now working on fire and gas detector design and development for oil and gas company in Silicon Valley. I am glad that IEC provides me a good English foundation. I still remember when I first come to US, and I cannot really write or speak English. It is magnificent to see the difference from that day and now

Attended: IEC@DVC Intensive English language classes (5 sessions)

testimonial victoria
It’s really easy to make friends here, there are so students from all over the world here, it’s amazing. My roommates are from all different nationalities, so we can only communicate with each other in English, but we still manage to have deep conversations, which has been great!

Victoria, BELGIUM
Attended: IEC@DVC Gap Year program

testimonial taka
I would like to major in International Business in UC Berkeley. IEC offers a great environment for me to improve my English fast. I learn Academic English which will be useful for my major. I have lots of opportunities to speak English with my classmates from other countries.

Attended: IEC@DVC Intensive English language classes (5 sessions)