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about diablo valley college

About Diablo Valley College

Founded in 1949, Diablo Valley College (DVC) is a fully accredited two-year California community college located in Pleasant Hill, a city in the San Francisco East Bay (50 km from San Francisco). Diablo Valley College is part of the Contra Costa Community College District (which also includes Contra Costa College and Los Medanos College). The college is named for Mount Diablo, which is seen from the college’s beautiful and manicured 100+ acre campus.

Fast Facts about DVC:

  • #1 for college/university transfer: DVC has the highest successful transfer rate from a California community college to college/university*
  • #1 for transfers from California community colleges to UC Berkeley
  • #2 for transfers to UC Davis (and #3 for all UC campuses overall)
  • Transfer rate to four-year universities is 67% higher than the national average**
  • Serves more than 22,000 students
  • 250+ full-time faculty members
  • Average class size: 25-30 students
  • 1,300+ international students from 77 countries
  • Has served more than 1.5 million students since its beginnings in 1949

* California Post-secondary Educational Commission
**Research figures recently released by UCLA's Center for the Study of Community Colleges

DVC Academics

Diablo Valley College offers more than 120 degrees and programs, including Associate of Arts (A.A.) and Associate of Science (A.S.) Degrees. For a complete list, consult the Diablo Valley College Certificate and Degrees page.

The majority of DVC graduates continue on to a University of California (UC) or California State University (CSU). In the 2017-2018 year alone, 1,148 DVC students were admitted to universities to complete their bachelor’s degree.

  • UC Berkeley (UCB):  358
  • UC Los Angeles (UCLA): 227
  • UC Davis (UCD): 716
  • UC Irvine (UCI): 378
  • UC San Diego (UCSD): 467

DVC Student Life

DVC has numerous clubs for students to join. Clubs center around hobbies or activities, (such as the Chess Club or the Tennis Club), academic interests (the Math Club or the Engineering Club), or social or cultural backgrounds (the Muslim Student Association and the Japanese International Club). Students interested in government can also run for office with the Associated Students of DVC (ASDVC). For a full list of DVC Student Clubs, visit the DVC Student Club Page.

DVC additionally has a wide range of men and women’s sports teams, and the college encourages students to attend events and cheer their classmates on. For a list of all sports teams and a calendar of events, visit the DVC Athletics page. Go Vikings!

DVC for International Students

Diablo Valley College enrolls more than 1,300 students from 77 countries. Students receive the support of DVC’s International Student Office (ISO) office, which provides orientation, advising, and support in regard to F-1 visas.

Attending DVC

To attend Diablo Valley College, international students first attend the International Education Center at DVC. IEC@DVC provides guaranteed admission to students who successfully complete the Advanced B course. (No TOEFL is required for IEC students who wish to attend DVC after college.)

IEC@DVC also offers the Academic Bridge Program, which allows students to take two (for-credit) classes at Diablo Valley College. With Academic Bridge, students attend tutoring sessions and workshops and receive the support of the IEC@DVC staff and study aides.

academic bridge program dvc

Cost Comparison

Diablo Valley College provides an affordable path to a university degree.

dvc cost comparison chart

After DVC

After successfully completing courses at Diablo Valley College, students may transfer to a California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC) campus to complete a bachelor’s degree. Students may also attend a private university or transfer to an out-of-state school. Diablo Valley College has transfer agreements with many campuses in California: contact IEC@DVC to learn more about DVC’s Transfer Agreement Guarantees (TAGs) and easy acceptance to a U.S. university.

Visit the DVC International Students web site.