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International Student Scholarships

Each year, IEC@DVC offers several student scholarships and enrolls students who have received scholarships from their home country. Here are some of the scholarships offered by IEC and IEC partners.

Scholarships offered by IEC

Satoru Abe and Masatoshi Nomura Scholarship

Awarded to: A current IEC student who is nominated by the staff
Scholarship details: $500 for one semester
Previous recipient(s):

  • 2019 Winners: Yudai Igarasgu, Mai Obara, Shion Kuwano, Hazuki Yamaoka, Yuka Nakayama
  • 2018 Winners: Amalia Josso, Gefryde Bosawa Bikomba
  • 2017 Winners: Yiming “Kimmy” Kuang, Kota Tsukamoto
  • 2016 Winners: Linxi Wang, Seehee Park
  • 2015 Winners: Victoria Reypin, Nari Yoon
  • 2014 Winners: Yunsil Choi, Hayato Koyama
  • 2013 Winners: Yuki Yamamoto, Seunghun Lee
  • 2012 Winners: Hyunjin Kim, Yuki Kurashima
  • 2011 Winner: Junya Mizutani
  • 2010 Winners: Koung Su Park, Kido Kim
  • 2009 Winner: Laura Julia Quevedo Fernandez
  • 2008 Winners: Hajime Endo, Je Weon Lee
  • 2007 Winners: Euna Kim, JeongHoo Bang

The Satoru Abe and Masatoshi Nomura Scholarship provides one student with a $500 scholarship in the Fall Semester and one $500 scholarship in the Spring Semester. The scholarship honors Satoru Abe and Masatoshi Nomura, who died in an automobile accident in 2005.

Each year, IEC staff and teachers nominate students for this scholarship. Students are nominated based on academic work and involvement in activities and volunteer work. Nominated students must submit an essay and a list of extracurricular activities. A group of teachers and staff select the winner.

EducationUSA Academy at DVC Institutional Scholarship

Awarded to: Two or more outstanding EducationUSA Academy at DVC students per year.

Scholarship details: The scholarship would cover your expenses within the United States, valued at $4,500. PLEASE NOTE: You will still be responsible for covering the costs of your flight to and from the United States, personal spending money as well as tourist visa application costs (if applicable). These costs vary by country but are estimated to be no less than USD 1,500.

Previous recipients:

  • 2018 Session 2: Zeynab Agabeyli (Azerbaijan)
  • 2018 Session 1: Catalina Saboya (Colombia)
  • 2018 Session 1: Cristobal Vicencio Gutierrez (Chile)
  • 2019 Session 2: Adam Abdirakhmanov (Uzbekistan)
  • 2019 Session 2: Jhonas Belloto Martinez (Paraguay)
  • 2019 Session 2: Muhammad Haruna (Nigeria)

Faculty and Staff

Awarded to: Friends and family of IEC@DVC faculty and staff
Scholarship details: IEC faculty and staff may nominate friends or family members for scholarships of varying amounts. The award applies to both the EducationUSA teen program and IEC adult programs.
Previous recipient(s): 

  • Maria Victoria Rolon (Argentina) received 1 IEC@DVC Session scholarship
  • Mert Ozkumova (Turkey) received 1 Education USA Summer Academy 2017 scholarship

Partner Scholarships

Don Bosco University (El Salvador)

Awarded to: Those who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity, Education majors
Scholarship details: 1 session (2 months) of IEC@DVC classes
Previous recipient(s):

  • Carlos Antonio Alvarado Garcia, El Salvador (Session 4, 2017)

How to apply: Internal process at DB University

Education USA SoutH America SCHOLARSHIP

Awarded to: A deserving high school student
Scholarship details: The EducationUSA South America Scholarship covers all costs for a student to attend the EducationUSA program summer or winter program. The flight is not included.
Previous recipient(s):

  • Cristobal Alejandro Vicencio, Chile (2018)
  • Danna Catalina Saboya Cadena, Colombia (2018)

How to apply: Contact EducationUSA advisors

Kanagawa Speech Contest Winner (Japan)

Awarded to: The winner of the Kanagawa Speech Contest
Scholarship details: 1-month scholarship to IEC@DVC’s Education USA Academy
Previous recipient(s):

  • 2018 Winner: Rena Sakamoto
  • 2017 Winner: Shiyo Ra
  • 2016 Winner: Yoshiyuki Shirasaki
  • 2015 Winner: Seiji Saito
  • 2014 Winner: Moe Mizutani
  • 2013 Winner: Kana Fujiwara
  • 2011 Winner: Chihiro Ishikawa
  • 2010 Winner: Risa Arai

How to apply: Organizers of the Kanagawa Speech Contest determine the application process.

NIC Scholarship (Japan)

Awarded to: Academically strong NIC students who have made positive impacts on the NIC program and its students' activities
Scholarship details: $500-$1,000 off of the Summer Program Tuition
Previous recipient(s):  

  • 2018 Winners: Kaho Hirano, Momo Umehara, Gounosuke Izumi
  • 2017 Winner: Mikiro Uno
  • 2016 Winner: Kodai Yasuda
  • 2014 Winners: Sho Ichikawa, Yu Anabuki, Reiko Takase
  • 2013 Winner: Ayako Natori
  • 2012 Winners: Takahiro Hirayama, Yukio Kamiya, Tatsuya Shirato
  • 2011 Winners: Sojung Kim, Noriaki Oji, Sari Suzuki
  • 2009 Winners: Mako Komano, Hiromi Tsutsui, Natsuki Kono, Erina Nishi
  • 2007 Winners: Hanko Sato, Keiko Ohashi, Kazuhiro Kimura, Kaori Ryuzaki
  • 2006 Winners: Naoko Oki, Satomi Miyashita, Toshiko Yamada
  • 2005 Winners: Norihiko Hayashi

How to apply: Internal NIC process

Scholarships for DVC students

Students who attend Diablo Valley College may apply for scholarships to help pay for tuition. Students on an F-1 visa may apply for these scholarships after attending DVC for one academic year (2 semesters).

For more information, visit the Scholarships office on the first floor of the student services building or visit the following website: