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IEC@DVC will permanently close at the end of the current session (August 23-October 13, 2021).
Please contact our sister program IEC@OCC for programs

Academic Bridge

Academic Pathway program for ESL students
in the San Francisco Bay Area


  • Enter the U.S. on an F-1 visa as early as September 18 
  • Choose to attend in-person or online from your home country (contact us for details)

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Interested in attending a demo class to learn more about the Academic Bridge Program? Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any class schedule questions.


IEC@DVC’s Academic Bridge program is ideal for students ready to transition to an American college. Academic Bridge students take two classes at Diablo Valley College and receive six college credits. In this comprehensive program, students benefit from the support and guidance of qualified staff and teaching aides, attend workshops, and have access to IEC@DVC social activities.

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Academic Bridge Program Details

Students in the Academic Bridge program:

  • Take two classes at Diablo Valley College (classes are pre-selected)
  • NEW Hybrid class model: one in-person meeting/week, rest of class taught live online (synchronous) using Zoom
  • Earn six total credits for transfer to a California State University or University of California institution
  • Receive the support of Study Aides who host daily study sessions to review class content
  • Attend Success Series workshops that focus on how to excel at an American college or university (topics include time management, how to become involved on campus, leadership, and student government)
  • Receive early registration for Fall or Spring Semester at DVC

Academic Bridge 2021 Dates and Prices


  • Application Deadline: May 21
  • Mandatory Orientation: June 24
  • Classes Start: June 28
  • Classes End: August 19
  • Program includes:
    • *English 162 - Language Literature, and Culture (3 units)
    • *Music 110 (3 units)

2021 DVC Summer Session

  • Classes begin June 14* 
  • Classes finish July 23*

*Subject to change

2021 fall BRIDGE

  • Application Deadline: September 17
  • Mandatory Orientation: October 13
  • Classes Start: Monday, October 18
  • Classes End: Thursday, December 9
  • Program includes:
    • *English 162 - Language Literature, and Culture (3 units)
    • *Anthropology 130 (3 units)

2022 DVC Spring SEMESTER

  • Application deadline: November 1, 2021
  • Classes begin January 24*
  • DVC Spring Break (no classes): TBA
  • Classes finish May 20*

2022 DVC Summer Session

  • Classes begin June 13* 
  • Classes finish July 22*

*Subject to change


  • Application Deadline: May 23
  • Mandatory Orientation: June 23
  • Classes Start: June 27
  • Classes End: August 18
  • Program includes:
    • TBA


  • Classes begin June 13* 
  • Classes finish July 22*

*Subject to change


  • Application Deadline: September 19
  • Mandatory Orientation: October 20
  • Classes Start: October 24
  • Classes End: December 15
  • Program includes:
    • TBA
    • TBA

2023 DVC Spring SEMESTER

  • Application deadline: November 1, 2022
  • Classes begin January 23*
  • DVC Spring Break (no classes): TBA
  • Classes finish May 19*

*Subject to change

Bridge Program Fees
Express mail for all acceptance packages mailed internationally Non-refundable and due with application Varies by country
DVC Application Fee One-time non-refundable and due with application $50
Medical Insurance Insurance is mandatory and covers students from orientation to the start of the next semester; due the first week of class Varies
Tuition Tuition covers 2 DVC academic classes and is due the first week of class $2076
Homestay (per 8 weeks) Single room with 2 meals (Monday to Friday) and 3 meals on the weekends $1800
Apartment (per 8 weeks) Single private room
Double shared room (per person)
Triple shared room (per person)

*Student is responsible for books, materials, and any transportation costs.

Academic Bridge Requirements

Students must complete the DVC Bridge Application and be 18 years of age or a high school graduate with proof of high school completion (official transcripts).

Students must also provide:

  • $50 DVC application fee
  • Official proof of English proficiency: IEC Advanced B graduate, minimum TOEFL score of 61 IBT, IELTS 5.5, or ITEP 3.5
  • Copy of passport
  • Bank statement from your sponsor indicating a minimum of $22,392 USD available for expenses

How to Apply

Students can apply by completing the DVC Bridge Application (and all applicable documents).