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Intensive Academic English Programs
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Learn Academic English at IEC@DVC in Concord, California

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IEC@DVC’s Intensive English Program is designed for students who plan to use their English skills in the academic setting. Classes are offered at six different levels and have start dates throughout the year.  

IEC@DVC students attend classes in a focused and motivating environment, and 95% of students attend college after completing their studies at IEC@DVC. Students are taught by qualified instructors who all hold a Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language or an equivalent qualification.

Intensive English Program Details

  • Six levels of instruction from Foundation to Advanced levels
  • 22 hours of class instruction per week
  • Each level is a seven or eight-week course
  • Placement exam to determine student’s level
  • Carefully selected textbooks: download the Sample Booklist*

*Expect to spend between $75 to $100 for books and materials for each 8-week session. All books are available for purchase at the DVC Campus Bookstore.

Advanced B for High-Level English Learners  

Students with a high level of English complete IEC@DVC’s Advanced B course. This course is for students who want to attend community college (such as Diablo Valley College, Los Medanos College, and Contra Costa College) or receive a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a U.S. university.

The Advanced B course focuses on more than just English proficiency. To succeed in the American college environment, students also need confidence in other areas, such as critical analysis and research skills.  

Program Details

The IEC@DVC Advanced B course offers and includes:  

  • 22 hours of class instruction per week  
  • Early enrollment in DVC classes
  • Opportunities to observe DVC classes
  • Meetings with DVC academic advisors
  • Access to all IEC@DVC activities and events  

The Advanced B course focuses on:  

  • Persuasive speaking
  • Research strategies and note-taking
  • Presentation skills
  • Critical analysis
  • Fluency and pronunciation
  • Advanced grammar and vocabulary  
  • Listening comprehension
  • Discussion leading skills
Academic English Program Fees
Application Fee One-time fee $100
Express mail
(mandatory for all applications mailed to an international address)*
One-time non-refundable $55
Activities Fee Per 8 - week session $80
Medical Insurance Per 8 - week session $340
Tuition for Academic English Program  8 - week session $3200 
Tuition for Academic English Program 16 - week session $6040
Tuition for Academic English Program 24 - week session $8900
Tuition for Academic English Program  32 - week session   $11420 
Homestay* (per 8 weeks) Single room with two meals (Monday to Friday) and three meals on the weekends   $1800
Apartment* (per 8 weeks)  Single private room
Double shared room
Triple shared room

* Housing options do not include placement fee and security deposit.  Prices are per person.   Apartment rent includes furniture and all utilities.



Academic English Program - 2021 Dates
SessionClass DatesOrientation Dates
3 April 19 - June 9 April 12 - 13
4 June 21 - August 5 June 14 - 15 
5 August 23 - October 13 August 19
6 October 18 - December 8   October 12
Academic English Program - 2022 Dates
1 January 4 - February 17 January 3
2 February 22 - April 7 February 14
3 April 18 - June 8 April 11
4 June 20 - August 4 June 13
5 August 22 - October 12 August 18 
6 October 17 - December 7 October 10


How to Apply  

Students can apply online or by printing, completing, and mailing an IEC@DVC application (PDF).  


IEC@DVC recommends applying at least two months before the program start date. This allows for time to apply for a U.S. visa, purchase plane tickets, and make housing arrangements. IEC application deadlines are six weeks prior to the orientation date of the next upcoming session. Please contact us if you have a late application. Due to larger than expected enrollment numbers, we may close application deadlines earlier.