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Medical Insurance for IEC@DVC Students

Medical insurance is $270 per session. IEC will no longer allow medical insurance waivers for students with insurance from their home country. All students will be required to purchase medical insurance through IEC. Only U.S. residents and students with government scholarships are excluded. Payment is due the first Thursday of a new session. Once students pay the medical insurance fee a medical insurance card will be mailed to IEC for them to pick up. If students need to visit the doctor BEFORE receiving their medical insurance card IEC can provide students with temporary medical cards upon request.

Medical insurance fees are NON REFUNDABLE and the medical insurance policy purchased through IEC is ONLY available to students enrolled in classes. If you are no longer enrolled at IEC (example: leave the U.S., take a break in study, transfer to another school) you will NOT be covered by the insurance policy and cannot purchase insurance through IEC to cover you during this time.

For more information on IEC student medical insurance please visit