Concord, California

san francisco student activties

IEC@DVC will permanently close at the end of the current session (August 23-October 13, 2021).
Please contact our sister program IEC@OCC for programs

Student Activities

Learn While Having Fun!

Snow and ski trips, beach bonfires, shopping excursions, university tours . . . IEC’s activities are so much more than fun field trips: they are opportunities to practice English skills in the real world. Students are encouraged to have fun, practice English, and experience America!

IEC@DVC's organized activities include:

  • Academic trips: Tours of local campuses (UC Davis, UC Berkeley, San Francisco State University, and Saint Mary’s)
  • Cultural excursions: Trips to museums in San Francisco, visits to local shows and performances
  • Sports and physical activities: Hiking trips, beach days, paintball, ice skating, and trips to see San Francisco Bay Area professional sports teams
  • Social events: BBQ'sstudent and teacher led lunch workshops, Ice cream socials, free movie days, shopping trips
  • Volunteer opportunities: Tutoring, helping to feed the needy, working with disadvantaged children, and more