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Community college students have the option of receiving an Associate’s Degree in the Arts or Sciences. But what is an Associate’s Degree, and who benefits from receiving one?

Transfer to DVC for an associate’s degree and/or university transfer

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After completing courses at IEC, students attend Diablo Valley College, a California Community College, for Step 2 of the 3-step process of receiving a bachelor’s degree.

Following the 2 + 2 model, students spend roughly 2 years at community college and then 2 years at university to receive a bachelor’s degree. Students are guaranteed admission to a California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC) campus thanks to community college and UC/CSU transfer agreements (TAGs). Learn more about TAGs.

Associate’s degree information

After approximately 2 years of continuous study at Diablo Valley College, students have the option of receiving an associate’s degree.

An associate’s degree is not required to transfer to a four-year university. (Diablo Valley College students who plan to transfer directly to a U.S. college or university do not need to receive an associate’s degree.)

An associate’s degree is an excellent option for students who:

  • Plan to return to their home country in two years
  • Are interested in working in the United States through OPT.

After receiving an associate’s degree, students qualify for Optional Practical Training (OPT) status and can work for one year in the U.S.

About Diablo Valley College (DVC)

Founded in 1949, Diablo Valley College is a fully accredited community college in beautiful Pleasant Hill, California (near San Francisco). The college offers more than 40 Associate’s Degree programs and another 40 certificate programs in fields such as Accounting, Architecture, Business, Computer Science, Digital Media, and Engineering Technology. DVC prides itself in its athletics and student activities and offers students the opportunity to join numerous sports teams, clubs, and other social and academic organizations. Learn more about DVC’s academic programs and degrees.

After completing studies at community college (with or without an associate’s degree), students transfer to a 4-year college or university to complete Step 3 of the University in 1-2-3 process. Continue to Step 3.