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IEC@DVC will permanently close at the end of the current session (August 23-October 13, 2021).
Please contact our sister program IEC@OCC for programs

Information for Prospective Students

Here’s how to learn more about taking classes at IEC LIVE!

  1. Example videos from IEC online classes
  2. How to set up your online learning environment:


A successful path to an academic career! More than 95% of students who complete the Advanced B course of the International Education Center at Diablo Valley College enter the university level. Most students attend Diablo Valley College, which is the #1 feeder institution to the prestigious University of California, Berkeley (UCB).

IEC@DVC also offers TOEFL waiver to students who enter Diablo Valley College after completing IEC’s Advanced B program and to students who complete IEC’s Academic Bridge program.

Student services and support

IEC@DVC students receive the following:

  • Intensive English training and academic preparation by qualified and dedicated teachers.
  • Cultural and social activities to promote integration into the San Francisco Bay Area communities.
  • Academic Planning and Training Workshops to prepare students for the U.S. college system.
  • Housing Coordinator services (including careful selection of host families and assistance with residential apartments).


IEC@DVC offers the following English programs:

Academic Bridge

IEC@DVC’s Academic Bridge Program is for students with a high level of English proficiency who are ready to begin taking classes at an American college. With Academic Bridge, students take two classes at Diablo Valley College and receive the support of study aids to help them succeed. The program also includes workshops, study sessions, and activities. The Academic Bridge Program has two sessions in 2021. Learn more.

  • June 28, 2021 - August 19, 2021
  • October 25, 2021 - December 16, 2021

Intensive English

IEC@DVC offers intensive English instruction at six different levels. Each level is eight weeks in length and each week includes 24 hours of instruction.

IEC@DVC offers the Advanced B course for students with a high level of English proficiency. This program offers students the opportunity to enroll early in Diablo Valley College classes. Learn more about IEC@DVC’s Intensive English Program and Advanced B course.

EducationUSA Academy for Teens

IEC@DVC’s EducationUSA Academy for Teens provides students ages 15-17 the opportunity to study English and live in the San Francisco Bay Area for four weeks. The EducationUSA Academy for Teens has two sessions in 2021:

  • Session 1: TBA
  • Session 2: TBA

Learn more about IEC@DVC’s EducationUSA Academy for Teens. 


Most IEC@DVC students choose to live in a homestay or in a furnished apartment. Homestay placements are provided by Diablo Valley Homestay and furnished apartments are provided by InteRResidential Apartments. Learn more about IEC@DVC’s Housing Options.   


You can apply to IEC@DVC’s programs in several ways:

IEC@DVC Adult Programs (Intensive English and Academic Bridge)

2021 EducationUSA Academy (English for teens)

For complete application instructions, please visit our Admissions page.

Visa Information

When all admission requirements are completed, students will be mailed an Acceptance Package including the Form I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility) and Acceptance Letter. These documents are used to apply for an F-1 student visa from a US Consulate (or in the case of Taiwan, at AIT).

Useful links for F-1 visas:

Transfer Students

IEC@DVC accepts transfers from students who are living and studying in the United States. Transfer students must complete the F-1 Verification Transfer Form. For more information, contact IEC@DVC.

Language Placement

Prior to beginning classes with IEC@DVC, all students attend an orientation. During orientation, students take a language assessment to be placed at the correct level. 

IEC@DVC does not offer courses for true beginners of English language learning. Prospective IEC students should have basic spelling skills, be able to write sentences, and be able to read and understand simple paragraphs. While students without these skills can still attend IEC, they should be prepared to hire a personal tutor and repeat the foundation-level class until these skills are mastered.


Both IEC@DVC and its partners offer scholarships for international students. For information on each of these scholarship opportunities (and to learn about previous award recipients) visit the Scholarships page.